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In God We Act Crazy

James Madison DollarSometimes it’s the small news items that catch your eye. The one that caught my eye today was a story about Rep. Roger Wicker (R-MS) wanting to withhold funding for minting newly designed $1 coins bearing the “In God We Trust” motto on the edge rather than the face.

Oh, and he wants to do this after we’ve already paid $600 million on the redesign that is set to roll out in November.

Dollars? Dollars? We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Dollars

Personally, I think the advisability of a dollar coin is dubious. As a young Air Force sergeant, I can remember hauling pallet-loads of misbegotten Susan B. Anthonys overseas to foist on military personnel. The rationale for going metal was genuine - to save money by using longer lasting coins rather than short-lived paper - but the implementati on was awful, the public simply didn’t want them, and we lost money on the whole deal. It seems the only winners were the nation’s piggy bank manufacturer s.

Perhaps the mint put a bit more thought into the new James Madison dollars, I’m not sure. But the stamping die has literally been cast and it’s $600 million too late to fuss over such trivialities now. If the placement of the damn motto was so important, why wasn’t he proposing the change before the money was spent? Methinks ol’ Roger has some ’splainin’ to do.

Somebody Muzzle That Loon

As disturbing as Wicker’s addlebrained complaint is, the House passing the bill and the Senate Appropriatio ns Committee agreeing to introduce the Senate verions, is mind-numbing . Making these types of concessions to overwrought disciples of the Big Guy is insane. Just as insane as the inevitable argument that some atheists will throw up over whether the motto ought to be there at all. Between arguments like this and flag burning amendments, it’s no wonder that the vast middle of the political spectrum thinks the extremists on both sides shouldn’t be allowed near sharp instruments.

It’s get a clue time. In this case, God simply doesn’t matter. The money will be worth just as much with the motto on the face, on the side, or not at all. God will not perish from Heaven. Torch-carryi ng minions of an evil theocracy won’t burn down any houses. Our pockets will just clink. Our pants will just fall down from the weight of James Madison. And, the republic will go on - unless someone doesn’t muzzle that loon from the bayou. If not, we’ll be $600 million deeper in the deficit hole.

It’s like they say, “$600 million here, $600 million there, and pretty soon you’re talking real money.


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4 Responses to “In God We Act Crazy”

  1. But if it doesn’t say "In God We Trust" on it you can’t use it in Church…  Silly

  2. I don’t think God is really going to care one way or another…just so long as Oral Roberts gets 20 million of them before he’s called home to Jesus.

  3. The motto was added during the civil war. It was added a result of fear and complete lack of faith in America. Theodore Roosevelt tried to get it removed. He believed it was against the first amendment and was sacrileges.

  4. The dollar coin will never work. Yea it will "save" money. Yea less dollars will have to be replaced. Bu t what will we use in strip clubs? Where will the tips go? In the coin slot? Will we have to start to use $2 bills? These are the important things to worry about. By the way, someone ought to tell the nutjob the real motto is latin for "out of many, one". I think. "New Order Of The Ages" is also on the dollar bill, in latin. I think "in God we trust" was added much later. What God has to do with money, which the Bible says is the root of all evil, has always eluded me. Maybe we are trying to purify all that evil money?  

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