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Quote of the Day 8/31/07

…except for humans, philosophica l naturalists understand nature to be fundamentall y mindless and purposeless… . Of course, this doesn’t eliminate the possibility of supernatural mind and purpose in nature; the only requirement would be the demonstratio n of its existence and mechanism, which is up to the supernatural ist to provide. We are still […]

Quote of the Day 8/30/07

Who can over estimate the progress of the world if all the money wasted in superstition could be used to enlighten, elevate and civilize mankind?
– Col. Robert Green Ingersoll
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America: Threatened By a Book

Decent Godfearing Americans will agree that there are two serious threats to our Christian Nation: 1) Queers; and 2) Pagans who worship animals. And now, oh Mother of God, both of these evils have been combined into one book.
“And Tango Makes Three” is the story of two godless homosexual penguins who are raising a baby […]

Quote of the Day 8/29/07

Religious experiences are like those induced by drugs, alcohol, mental illness, and sleep deprivation: They tell no uniform or coherent story, and there is no plausible theory to account for discrepancie s among them.- Michael Martin
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Bankruptcy won’t stop Catholic abuse cases from going forward in San Diego

From Jurist:
US Bankruptcy Judge Louise DeCarl Adler ordered 42 clergy sex abuse cases against the Catholic Diocese of San Diego to go to trial Friday, accepting arguments by plaintiffs lawyers that the move could push pressure on the diocese to settle the claims. The trials were suspended in February - the night before they were […]

Honest to God

There’s no shortage of debate over Islam. Depending on your point of view, Muslims are either violence-cra zed zanies with a taste for camel milk and Molotov cocktails or misunderstoo d practitioner s of a religion of peace, love, and kindness - think Amish with headdresses. But for the most part, there isn’t much talk […]

Fred Thompson’s Catholic Outreach Guru

Via Catholics United comes this tidbit about the President of the conservative Catholic organization Fidelis, accepting a high-level faith outreach position for the “is he or isn’t he a candidate” Fred Thompson. Joseph Cella’s claim to fame at Fidelis is hitting strong on Democrats who favor abortion rights, which sadly in this day and […]

One Way Towards Religious Domination

Seems as if there is a better way to ensure that your religion takes over the world- better than terrorism or imperialism at least. You could call it “screwing for world religious domination.”
A one-legged Emirati father of 78 is lining up his next two wives in a bid to reach his target of 100 […]

What If God Is Sick & Tired Of Our Arrogance?

Do you ever see a headline in a newspaper or at a site online which catches your attention, but for some reason you just can’t convince yourself to read the content? I saw one of those headlines yesterday and while I didn’t succumb to reading the article at that moment, I broke down and read […]

The New Age of Endarkenment

That’s right folks were are living in the New Age of Endarkenment .  We now live in a time when credulity rules and reason is scoffed at.  A time when “the indefensible has become the unquestionab le”.  Now, more and more people are putting belief before knowledge, going so far as deny massive amounts of […]