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John McCain: Islam is “basically” an honorable religion

Proving yet again that age is no barrier in having the flexibility to stick your foot in your mouth, Sen. John McCain gave an interview to m in which he asserted that the number one issue people should make in deciding on who to vote for as President should be whether the candidate will […]

The Pope and Climate Change

It’s still nearly eight months away, but word is that Pope Benedict XVI will use his first visit to the United Nations to urge a commitment to climate change. Courtesy of The Independent, the address to the UN….
“will act as the centrepiece of a US visit scheduled for next April - the first by […]

Stop Satan: Shuttin’ Down The Supper Club

The christians are not happy campers at the moment. Their anger centers upon an advertisemen t for the Folsom Street Fair, a gay event held annually in San Francisco. The ad uses the format of The Last Supper as the setting for the print image; populating the table with individuals dressed in stereotypica l gay […]

God, America, and Iraq

(Below is an expurgated comment I posted on the Tygrrrr Express in reply to a fascinating character who goes by the moniker Hueguenot. The link I just added now.)
Allow me to share my variant opinions.
(Hue) asked (of what I would consider as evidence of God), “I’m not sure what you consider evidence. Do you mean […]

And they call this a rebound?

What do you call 104 Christians hanging out in a Florida trailer?
Apparently the new face of the burgeoning Christian right movement.
Headed into the 2008 election season, Christian conservative s are weary. Their movement has lost iconic leaders and the Republican presidential field is uninspiring. But they may have found hope in a trailer on […]

What religion could say about Jena, Louisiana

“It demands great spiritual resilience not to hate the hater whose foot is on your neck, and an even greater miracle of perception and charity not to teach your child to hate.” – James Baldwin
Reading the news articles stemming out of Jena, Louisiana these last two months, it’s hard to believe we’re living in 2007, […]

Rising From The Ashes…

I haven’t read a newspaper, perused a blog entry, watched TV news, or listened to any talk radio since August 30th. I have little to no idea about what has been happening in Iraq, Congress, or around the world. For me, it’s almost as if time stopped two and a half weeks ago, and ever […]

Another Excerpt from RGI’s “Reviewers Reviewed”

I Have said that the Bible is a barbarous book; that it has no respect for the rights of woman. Now I propose to prove it. It takes something besides epithets and invectives to prove or disprove anything. Let us see what the sacred volume says concerning the mothers and daughters of […]

Queens, Christ, & Constitutions: An Existential Elegy

Not long ago Miss South Carolina botched her answer to a question in the Miss Teen USA pageant…a move that sent millions of viewers racing to watch her tortured response on YouTube and made her the unfortunate butt of numerous jokes offered by countless comedians. The question referred to the fact that some 20 percent […]

Excerpt from R.G. Ingersoll - “My Reviewers Reviewed”

Is it possible to conceive of a more Jealous, revengeful,
changeable, unjust, unreasonable  , cruel being than the Jehovah of
the Hebrews? Is it possible to read the words said to have been
spoken by this Deity, without a shudder? Is it possible to
contemplate his character without hatred?
“I will make mine […]