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Stop Satan: Shuttin’ Down The Supper Club

The christians are not happy campers at the moment. Their anger centers upon an advertisemen t for the Folsom Street Fair, a gay event held annually in San Francisco. The ad uses the format of The Last Supper as the setting for the print image; populating the table with individuals dressed in stereotypica l gay regalia…and the table is “sinfully” littered with a variety of sex toys. Naturally, the bible brigade finds the image to be sickeningly sacrilegious …which of course means they have reacted with more than sufficient sanctimony.

Enough of my sarcasm…I’ll let the christians speak for themselves. The following excerpts are a sampling of the outrage found on the internet.

From CNS News:

Organizers of San Francisco’s Folsom Street Fair — sponsored by Miller Brewing Co. — have portrayed Christ and his disciples as half-naked homosexual sadomasochis ts in the event’s promotional advertisemen t, and the conservative group Concerned Women for America is complaining about the hypocrisy of it.

“The bread and wine representing Christ’s broken body and lifegiving blood are replaced with sadomasochis tic sex toys in this twisted version of Da Vinci’s The Last Supper,” CWA said on its Web site.

CWA is calling on California politicians — House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegg er and Sens. Feinstein and Boxer among them — to “publicly condemn this unprovoked attack against Christ and His followers.

“We further challenge the media to cover this affront to Christianity with the same vigor as recent stories about cartoon depictions of Mohammed and other items offensive to the Muslim community,” CWA said.

From Moonbattery. com:

The fair describes itself as “the world’s largest leather event.” The city supports it by shutting down several city blocks and providing security. It is financed in part by the same South African–ow ned Miller Beer that has also supported illegal alien rallies.

Oh that disgusting city of San Francisco…ho w dare they grant permits and block off streets for gay events…and that naughty Miller Brewing Company…how dare they sponsor gay events and activities by those terrible illegal immigrants…a nd let’s not forget the evil and liberal mainstream media! Apparently, the christians are prone to persecution complexes. I’m sure the city of San Francisco wouldn’t deny them permits for events and I’d bet Miller would be happy to offer its sponsorship. Of course I suspect the christians would find San Francisco an unacceptable city and Miller an inappropriat e sponsor.

Anyway, here’s what the folks at Moonbattery. com think it would take to get anyone to pay attention to their concerns:

Unfortunatel y, Christians would have to fly a few planes into buildings full of people before that will ever happen. The media only sides with the bad guys.

I guess this confirms that the GOP has succeeded in portraying liberals and the media as unpatriotic terrorist sympathizers to their base. It also appears that the christians have mobilized and captured Miller’s attention…en ough so that the company has asked to be immediately removed from the print material…iss uing the following statement on their website:

From Miller Brewing Company:

Statement Regarding Folsom Street Fair

While Miller has supported the Folsom Street Fair for several years, we take exception to the poster the organizing committee developed this year. We understand some individuals may find the imagery offensive and we have asked the organizers to remove our logo from the poster effective immediately.

Well, after a little research, it seems that the Folsom Street Fair isn’t the only group that has found The Last Supper to be an attractive theme for publicity campaigns and print materials. I’ve included a couple of the most recognizable ones in the graphic at the bottom of this posting.

Yes, as you can see, The Last Supper served as the setting for the characters in the Star Wars movies and for the cast of the HBO series, The Sopranos. No, I don’t think the Soprano family will receive an exception for being Italian Catholics…th ey seem to have a bit of a problem with most of the commandments . It is interesting that I’ve never heard any criticism of these depictions of The Last Supper…but then again, they aren’t tied to the gay community.

Given Miller’s decision and the lack of focus on the other depictions, I decided to take a look at the advertiser’s who have been featured on the Sopranos. Keep in mind that HBO doesn’t run advertisemen ts; instead they place name brand products in their programs…pro viding exposure that has great value. The following excerpts provide the relevant details:

From USA Today:

The creators of the HBO shows do accept free use of cars and other goods. It cuts costs and adds realism. The days of TV characters drinking generic “beer” are over. Sopranos creator David Chase and his team of writers frequently write brand names into scripts to add reality to the show, which is averaging 10.8 million viewers per week, according to Nielsen Marketing Research. Jersey boy Chase is a stickler: When Carmela Soprano reaches for milk, he demands it be a brand distributed in New Jersey, says Landress.

If marketers had to pay for ads on The Sopranos, the cost would equal $287,325 for a 30-second spot and HBO would pocket $6.8 million per show, according to a study by DiMassimo.

Landress rejects “exclusive” offers that would make HBO borrow products from a single marketer in a category. She says consumers see competing brands, so The Sopranos’ writers want variety: Motorola and Nokia cell phones; Apple and Gateway computers; Mercedes (Tony’s girlfriend Gloria was a Mercedes dealer), Lexus and Range Rover autos (both driven by Christopher Moltisanti); Coke and Pepsi (the gangsters drink Coke; the feds like Pepsi); SnackWell’s and Turkey Hill foods favored by Carmela.

Strange as it may seem, I’m not aware of anyone objecting to these high profile companies supporting The Sopranos…a show which has used The Last Supper imagery and that is arguably not an ideal representati on of family values.

Now that the Sopranos has ended its run on HBO, the rights to the series have been purchased by Arts & Entertainmen t…and they do sell advertising… and they need to given what they paid for the privilege of airing the show. In addition to the companies mentioned in the following excerpts, ad time has also been bought by Ford, Sonic, and Paramount Pictures.

From Broadcasting & Cable:

Once-stodgy A&E surprised many in the TV community when it won a January 2005 bidding war for rights to rerun the HBO show, agreeing to pay $2.55 million an episode. The searing crime drama roared out of the gate with 4.4 million total viewers, including 1.9 million in the key adults 18-49 demo.

At the same time, the show helped coax 30 new advertisers to A&E in 2006, with another 20 already set for 2007, says AETN Ad Sales Executive VP Mel Berning. The client list includes Yellow Book, Texas Instruments, Alltel, TGI Friday’s and Taco Bell.

“They’re meeting their guarantees and obligations, ” says PHD Executive VP/Director of National Broadcast Harry Keeshan, who bought ads for his client Quiznos and is pitching the show to new advertisers this year.

Let’s take a look at Star Wars and the cash cow marketing monster it has become with the reworking of the original trilogy, the subsequent prequel movies, and the release of enhanced DVD’s and countless other products. Oh, and let’s not forget Fox’s connections to the Star Wars money machine.

From USA Today:

Star Wars is one of the all-time moneymaking franchises, generating nearly $3.4 billion in global box office and $9 billion in retail sales since 1977. As the buzz builds for the finale of George Lucas’ space series, consumers won’t be able to swing a light saber without seeing, hearing or reading references to Darth Vader, Yoda or Obi-Wan Kenobi over the next month.

Promotional partners Pepsi, Burger King, Cingular Wireless, America Online, M&M/Mars and Kellogg are launching a multimillion -dollar cross-promot ion to push their own brands while basking in the reflected glory of Hollywood. As partners, they get the rights to use Star Wars characters in their advertising.

From Wikipedia:

In 1999, to promote Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the remaining “Special Edition” films (V and VI) aired on U.S. broadcast network Fox (they bypassed premium cable for direct broadcast airing). That same year, Fox acquired all television rights to Episode I after the premium cable networks declined due to cost. A similar situation nearly happened with Attack of the Clones, until HBO struck a last-minute deal with Fox and Lucasfilm for the exclusive pay-cable rights.

The Fox network acquired the U.S. network television rights, in April/May 2005, to promote the then-upcomin g Episode III: Revenge of the Sith, with Episodes I, IV, V, and VI placed in limited syndicated television distribution  , (on Fox affiliates in most markets) while the Fox network was able to air Episode II in mid-May, prior to Episode III’s initial theatrical release.

So the “fair and balanced” network has been a key player in the marketing of Star Wars…which we know means that the network made a fair share of money from the sale of advertising time to big name companies. Again, I can’t recall anyone calling on Fox and the many advertisers involved with Star Wars to cease their involvement with these movies as a result of the blasphemous Last Supper depiction.

No, the christians apparently give Star Wars and The Sopranos and Fox and countless large corporate advertisers a free pass; instead deciding to go after a gay event held in San Francisco…on e which most Americans have never heard about or attended. Are we to conclude that the pursuit and condemnation of the “militant” gays and their inferred insistence upon defiling religion at an event in San Francisco is a greater threat to christianity than the likes of Star Wars, The Sopranos, and Fox Network?

The following excerpts provide the latest reactions from The Catholic League:

Catholic League president Bill Donohue announced a national boycott of Miller Beer on this morning’s “Fox and Friends.” He explains why today:

“Never have we experienced greater corporate arrogance than in this dispute with the Miller Brewing Company. Miller is sponsoring an incredibly outrageous and palpably anti-Christi an event in San Francisco: the Folsom Street Fair (see its website at folsomstreet and be prepared to see the shocking photos of what goes on).

“According ly, Miller leaves us with no options: we are calling on more than 200 Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu organization s to join with us in a nationwide boycott of Miller beer. We feel confident that once our religious allies kick in, and once the public sees the photos of an event Miller is proudly supporting, the Milwaukee brewery will come to its senses and pull its sponsorship altogether. If it doesn’t, the only winners will be Anheuser Busch and Coors.”

Contact: Miller spokesman Julian Green at green.julian
Phone: 1-800-MILLER 6 or 414-931-2000

Perhaps all of these outraged groups need to take a look at the other depictions of The Last Supper before they decide to single out the gay community and one large corporate sponsor. While the christians love to accuse the gay community of hypocrisy and bigotry, it seems to be the christians who fail to grasp the meaning of hypocrisy.

Until they begin applying their outrage equitably, I see this latest assault as more of the same…an opportunity to further their hateful agenda…an agenda focused upon dispersing anti-gay propaganda whenever and wherever they find an opportunity.

I guess I’m going to have to start drinking Miller Beer and watching The Sopranos on A&E and Star Wars on my Fox Network affiliate. Oh the inhumanity of it all!


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9 Responses to “Stop Satan: Shuttin’ Down The Supper Club”

  1. […] halleys wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptIn 1999, to promote Episode I: The Phantom Menace, the remaining “Special Edition” films (V and VI) aired on US broadcast network Fox (they bypassed premium cable for direct broadcast airing). That same year, Fox acquired all television … […]

  2. They probably don’t take too kindly to DC Comics andf it’s parent company Time Warner, either.

    http://www.n  /dcnew/coun tdown/Second Tease/BadBoy s_mid.html

  3. For an interesting thought experiment, just to place the outpouring of protest by Christians over fiddling with The Last Supper, they had instead fiddled with a famous Norman Rockwell painting themed to Thanksgiving …a beautiful, homey scene of a dinner table surrounded by a large family, anticipating a great meal and in the midst of the table is a golden brown, perfectly cooked…pig but in the place of the head of the pig, was the head of Muhammad with an apple in his mouth!

    Go ahead…just imagine the worldwide howls, the blood-lettin g and threats of blood-lettin g. No one in the organization could ever again stick her or his head out his door without fear of it being lopped off with a scimitar.

    Kind of makes the protests by Christians seem almost tame, rational even. The whole issue of it being a gay fair wouldn’t even be a blip on the radar.

    And honestly…I’v e never watched Sopranos and, as often as I’ve viewed the original three Star Wars movies, I’ve never even noticed their homage to The Last Supper. Even if I had, though, I doubt I’d be anything like outraged. After Piss Christ and The Holy Virgin Mary with elephant dung by Chris Ofili, it’s hard for me to get worked up about this. I mean, this is a yawner to me.

  4. I think you may be missing the focus of the outrage by Christians: it’s probably the Supper’s sex toys (whatever they are - I am not into that kind of activity so I don’t recognize them as such. A foot? What do you do in bed with a foot?! No, on second thought I don’t want to know…)
    Also, there is no history of the Star Wars characters or the Sopranos harassing Christians in the legal scenario.

  5. Terri,
    Uhm, last I checked it’s usually the Christians doing the harassing. Unless you know of plans to make being Christiaille gal or unconstituti onal that I don’t.

  6. Paul are you suggesting that there are plans to make
    being gay illegal or unconstituti onal?

    It would be nice if the various groups…gays, christians, anti war, pro war, rotarians, bird watchers etc, would just tend to their own knitting and let others do the same. Have your church services or parades or what have you without taking shots at other groups. There is plenty of pie for everyone to have a piece without taking from another.

  7. If I recall correctly, a Republican senator (DeLay, I think, ut could be wrong) was trying to reintroduce sodomy laws before hte election. That would have made being gay illegal.
    And you’re right, it would be nice if both sides could leave the other alone. But neither can. And I see no attempt by the gay comuniyt to limit the rights of Christians. I do see attempts by the christian community (or at least certain loud sections of it, given the size and divresity of the community) to limit the rights of gays.

  8. Paul, take a look at this map:

    Sodomy Laws Around the World

    White = Legal Red = Illegal

    Well the map did not transfer. Here is the website:

    http://www.s odomylaws.or g/

    While sodomy laws are in my opinion stupid, They are far more prevelant in other parts of the world. From the same website:

    “The sodomy law map below is prior to Lawrence v. Texas. All states are now white, ie the sodomy laws are unconstituti onal and unenforceabl e. However, some states still attempt to enforce their laws. See Virginia, Oklahoma, and North Carolina. The U.S. Military enforces its sodomy regulation without regard to Lawrence.”

    So at this point all sodomy laws in the US are null and void, as they should be.

    I also found this:

    “A bipartisan group of six federal lawmakers issued a strongly worded letter Thursday to the United Arab Emirates government to denounce the jail sentences given to 11 men recently convicted of homosexualit y.”

    A BIPARTISAN group.

    http://www.p  /news/artic le.html?2006  /03/17/3

    This was in March 06, before the elections.

  9. Two quotes and then I’ll shut up.*
    “Anyone who can’t see both sides of an argument is in one.”
    “People take many paths seeking happiness anf fulfillment. Just because someone is not on your path, does not mean they have gotten lost.”

    *=This promise only applies to this post and assumes no one else posts a counter argument. If eithre of htese occur, or I simply decide I have something else pertinent to add, I reserve the right to repost without this promise being held against me.

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