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Doing business with human rights violators

This isn’t an overtly “religion and politics” post, though I think this ties in quite well with the concept Ubuntu, a Bantu language word used in post-Aparthe id South Africa to refer to what Archbishop Desmond Tutu defined as “my humanity being inextricably bound up in what is yours and vice versa.”
About two […]

Five years after Sen. Wellstone’s death

It’s weird…it seems like every year on October 25, I post some sort of reflection about the life of Sen. Paul Wellstone, who died five years ago today in a plane crash (along with his wife and daughter, three campaign workers and two pilots). I worked for Wellstone during his 2002 re-election campaign, in […]

“Pro-life” politicians and a culture of life

I meant to write about this last week, but Republican Rep. Thaddeus G. McCotter (R-Michigan) went after the group Catholics United in an opinion piece in the National Review, because Catholics United had the audacity to ask the question: Is it pro-life to vote against S-CHIP?
Is it pro-life to vote against health care […]

Mitt Romney proud of Bob Jones endorsement

Bob Jones University in South Carolina once threatened to arrest its gay alumni, up until the year 2000 banned inter-racial dating on campus, and has previously called Catholicism a cult and the Pope the anti-Christ.   Rumor also has it that the university refuses (or at least refused) to honor Martin Luther King Jr., and […]

That Old Time American Principle

Not to long ago, we were a country that stood on principle. As a nation we were united to fight evil and prevail. We had a nation filled with men who would sacrifice every thing that they knew to win the battle against many forces of evil everywhere. But, it seems that we have lost […]

Peaking inside the religious right’s playbook?

Today marks the beginning of a three-day meeting in Washington labeled the Values Voter Summit, which will likely bring scores of conservative activists and leaders to the Hilton Washington Hotel (where the event is taking place…tip your cleaning people, please). More importantly, perhaps, is that about 50 of the nation’s leading conservative religious folk […]

Biblical Quote

Let me see, you are a giant prick, and you wonder why we haven’t turned to you….shmuck!  
“I smote you with blasting and with mildew and with hail in all the labours of your hands; yet ye turned not to me, saith the LORD.” (Hag 2:17)
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Separation of Church of Latter-day Saints and State - The Romney Dilemma

Pundits have been urging Mitt Romney to pull a John Kennedy - to take the issue of his religious affiliation head-on. Second only to Giuliani in fundraising, and in the lead in the GOP polls in New Hampshire and Iowa, Romney seems to have just two main negatives to overcome; his “flip-flops” on social issues […]

The Void

What is it that motivates us to live our lives?
Obviously not everyone has the same motivation - or do they?
Some people are determined to become wealthy. Others are driven to learn the secrets of the Universe. Still other travel the world looking for whatever thrills that they can find. The majority of humans, however, are […]

Ann Coulter…Perfected!? - I Don’t Think So!

Ann Coulter is back in the news…duh! The following video clip is from the CNBC show, The Big Idea, hosted by Donny Deutsch. As Deutsch gave Ann Coulter the opportunity to describe her ideal America, she made the statement that her preferred image of America (and heaven) would be like the Republican National Convention in […]