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Ann Coulter…Perfected!? - I Don’t Think So!

Ann Coulter is back in the news…duh! The following video clip is from the CNBC show, The Big Idea, hosted by Donny Deutsch. As Deutsch gave Ann Coulter the opportunity to describe her ideal America, she made the statement that her preferred image of America (and heaven) would be like the Republican National Convention in New York…”happy, joyful Republicans in the greatest city in the world”.

Pressed to explain her idyllic world, she suggests that all Americans should be Christians…a nd that Jews simply need to be “perfected”. Sensing Deutsch’s surprise at what he obviously hears as a narrow and judgmental view, she argues that her visits to Christian megachurches leads her to conclude that they are in fact very accepting and diverse. I suspect Coulter was actually being candid and offering a glimpse of her true feelings rather than attempting to launch into a provocative screed.

I also accept her sincerity regarding her experiences at megachurches . Clearly one would expect the kinship of their Christianity to supersede their differences. It is the essence of their beliefs and it is what has defined them and made them a formidable political force. Frankly, their Christian beliefs serve to overshadow all other aspects of their lives..which helps explain their presumed need to convert all others to Christianity …a purpose I contend is an attempt to remove the dissonance which exists from the knowledge that others do not share their beliefs.

With this understandin g, it isn’t difficult to conclude that Coulter’s remarks were the expression of an earnest, though ill-informed view…one that fails to see the arrogance that accompanies a statement that all Americans should be Christians. I have no doubt it simply reflects her core beliefs and demonstrates the danger of the angst which results from this pervasive need for uniformity. In other words, acceptance stops at the waters edge (Christianit y) which compels Christians to pursue the conversion of others.

While those efforts are undertaken with sincerity, they also communicate an air of righteous disregard. I believe this explains Coulter’s apparent surprise at Deutsch’s recoiling. I think one can see that she quickly perceives her own blind spot…which leads her to attempt to pull back and explain her statement following the commercial break.

As she tries to elaborate, she suggests that Jews, per the constructs of Christian beliefs, need to be “perfected”. She continues by telling Deutsch that the notion of “perfecting” isn’t offered pejoratively …it is simply the means to explain the process and the journey by which any individual would arrive at Christianity . As she describes it, Christians have not only joined Jews in embracing the Old Testament; they simply have taken the additional step of accepting the New Testament…me aning they believe that Christ was the son of God sent to die for all of our sins.

Strange as this may seem, I found the interview to be one of the rare moments where we see the real Ann Coulter exposed. While I find her comments abrasive and insensitive, it isn’t because I believe her to be anti-Semitic . She is simply the product of Christian ideology which would arguably treat all non-Christia ns similarly. I don’t condone the mind set, but I think Coulter simply stated the obvious…that being that Christians, not unlike those who embrace Catholic doctrine, believe their faith is the only path to salvation and see nothing wrong with stating as much. In my opinion, that is why religion is so dangerous.

While many may see Coulter’s remarks as the hoped for opportunity to bring her down, the significance of her remarks is beyond her as an individual. Bizarre as this may sound, I thank Coulter for speaking her truth…becaus e it exposes a much more disquieting truth. In fact, it provides a brief glimpse of the core problem facing this country and the world…a growing degree of theological intransigenc e which has become the justificatio n for an escalating clash of religions…re ligions which have conversion and compliance as their fundamental objectives.

Coulter’s rhetoric and her rogue identity are ultimately little more than the epitome of a blind allegiance to a narrow ideology. Coulter invoked a Seinfeld episode to support her argument, so I think it only fair to close with one of my own. Ann Coulter and many others, who have forfeited their autonomy to a rigid set of religious precepts, are, in the end, no longer “masters of their own domain”.

I created the graphic below to demonstrate the propensity of individuals to overlay humanity with any number of religious constructs in the belief that one is superior to the other. I cant imagine an all knowing god condoning our efforts to assert that one sect has eminence over all of the others. I see man’s efforts to do so as an extreme depiction of our ever expanding arrogance. I struggle to see what would be so wrong with simply honoring the sanctity of humanity.


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4 Responses to “Ann Coulter…Perfected!? - I Don’t Think So!”

  1. mullah cimoc say ann coulter dress slut and have big adam’s apple but him donny deutsch the worse.

    so obvious this the hit for rahm emmanuel and demo party against repub operative coulter.

    him to pimping him religion. this the disgrace for any people of the book. am him khazar or the sephardim?

    donny him eager to please him masters and get the acclaim. him whole life purpose to get the acclaim for the mental problem. so often when the man act this way him the traitor and having the penis so small the woman to complaining.   for this needing the acclaim. easy target for intel professional predator.

    or maybe him just israeli agent? please for this information to prove.

  2. That was nuts!

    Anyways… It’s about time Jews realize that the cons are not what the seem. This love of Israel is a wolf in sheep’s clothing - or should I say ein Wolf im Schafspelz. I’m not kidding here, folks.


  3. Coulter is brilliant and correct to her opinions

  4. Daniel, not being affiliated with any church I am treading on thin ice here but as I understand it the bible instructs believers to spread the word about Jesus and that there is only one true church. Being that all christians regardless of sect read and follow the same book, they all think that they are the one true church and are wanting to spread the good news. I do not find christians dangerous at all. Except for the the occasional Jehovas Witness knocking on the door I am not bombarded in any way with religious

    trination. I have a church right around the corner and have never had any of the churh goers cause any kind of problem. I have not seen anyone wanting to make laws that would give any sect dominace or making laws telling you to support any religion. As a matter of fact it is just the opposite. Witness a group of high shcool football players being told they cannot pray before a game. If you want to just honor the sanctity of humanity, that is fine with the vast majority of Christians. They may feel you are making a mistake, as you probable feel they are. The really good news is you and they are free to agree to disagree. I really think that the various religions are set up as straw men in terms abuse of power and influence. Look at the number of posts here at BIO about the evils of religion. You would think that they are wielding the same power as government in everyday life. It just simply not so. As far as political influence on candidates we have the left pandering for the church goer votes as well as the right. The only time you find a politician in a church is around election time. Both sides. The fact is that most Americans identify as Christians however the overwhelming majority of those are only casual chruch goers and the overwhelming majority of church goers are only “religious” on Sundays. The rest of the week they are your teachers, plumbers, and neighbors. I have lived on my street in a town with less than 7,000 people for 12 years and have no idea if my neighbors go to church or what church they go to if they do.

    As far as Ann Coulter goes, I think she is just looking for ways to be more controversia l with each statement. She is no dummy and makes her living off of the talk show circuit as well as selling books. Not that she is or is not sincere in what she says, I don’t know what she really believes, just that she appears to want to be controversia l. Who would blog about her if she weren’t?

    As far as God condoning one sect over the other, it depends on what you feel the bible is. If you subscibe to the bible being the word of God then it is clear that he DOES condon one over the other. The Jews of the Old Testament are clearly the home team. The problem being, of course, with the birth of Jesus. Hence the new testament and the coming of the Christians. It is in the new testament that there is the line about one true church, and it isn’t the Jews. Look at the lines in the Old testament about worship of false Gods, there clearly is a preference for God if you believe the Bible. You couldn’t just be a good person you had to worship the correct God at the correct church. This is why all religions believe theirs to the only true one.

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