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Religious Fanatics Demanding Death and Vengeance

There are just too many whacked-out delusional religious crazies out there. And it seems to be getting worse. Demanding the death penalty just because of a religious disagreement  , or a perceived insult?
Take this asshole (please). This douchebag prays for the assassinatio n of a foreign leader. When another foreign leader nearly dies from a […]

Devil’s In The Details? Not If You Ask Most Americans

Welcome to the latest American renaissance… a loathsome return to the “dark ages”. A new poll tells us that more Americans believe in hell and the devil…litera lly…than believe in Darwin’s Theory of Evolution. The only good news…and I say as much with all available facetiousnes s…is that nearly two thirds of all Americans believe […]

God Puts The Squeeze On Richard Roberts

I just love watching “fundies” use god to explain and justify their every action…wheth er it be good or bad. For those who haven’t heard, Richard Roberts, the son of Oral Roberts, now reports that he resigned his position as President of Oral Roberts University because god told him he must (on Thanksgiving Day no […]

Pharmacists Refusing to Sell Emergency Contraceptives

In Washington State, this is an issue that just won’t fuckin’ DIE! Since Washington is one of the most liberal states in the country, this situation is probably worse in most other states.
Plan B is the name of the emergency birth control pill. It’s basically just a much much stronger version of the regular birth […]

Vote in the common good

One of my favorite political buzzwords from the past few years has become “the common good,” a phrase I’ve seen most used as an umbrella term for the breadth of issues that should inform a person’s conscience when they vote. It’s a great retort to the groups, religions and individuals out there who suggest […]

Pat Robertson endorses Rudy Giuliani. And I’m not making that up.

They say shocking news comes in threes. First we get news this week that Rep. Ron Paul raked in more than $4 million in just ONE DAY, on an interesting fundraising campaign that coincided with Guy Fawkes Day. (This was also the Nile’s birthday, but rumor has it that this had little to […]

Beyond the Starbucks drinking elite

That’s a line from the latest article on Sen. Barack Obama, as he makes a much heralded media push to win over the hearts and minds of blue collar workers and red state voters. Ironically, I read the article tonight at a Starbucks, cashing in a gift card someone gave me.
That Obama […]

Do Evangelicals See Africa As The Path To Theocracy?

I’ll admit that ever since the President and the religious right adopted the AIDS crisis in Africa as one of their causes, I’ve been skeptical of their motivations. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate their concern for those suffering in Africa and I’m not suggesting that their compassion is insincere. I believe it is genuine […]

Rumsfeld’s snowflakes

Former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld often wrote memos to his staff that he labeled “snowflakes. ” Snowflakes? How cute! Do you suppose Cheney writes “gumdrops” for his staff? Condi Rice penning “puppy kisses,” perhaps?
One of these Rumsfeld “snowflakes” is getting all sorts of attention today. As The Washington Post reports:
In […]