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Religious Fanatics Demanding Death and Vengeance

There are just too many whacked-out delusional religious crazies out there. And it seems to be getting worse. Demanding the death penalty just because of a religious disagreement  , or a perceived insult?

Take this asshole (please). This douchebag prays for the assassinatio n of a foreign leader. When another foreign leader nearly dies from a stroke, said douchebag starts gloating that the stroke was “God’s punishment. And whenever a natural disaster strikes ANYWHERE, this same sack of shit just drools with vengeful delight — this hurricane/fi re/flood was God’s way of punishing those sinners.

And we all remember when this doctor was executed by a religious zealot. He was murdered because he performed a medical procedure that some Christians believe is wrong. His murder took place after numerous death threats against him and his colleagues.

Lots of Christian families send their children to summer “camps” where they get indoctrinate d and programmed to hate anyone and anything that’s different or “un-Christ ian.”

Oh, and in Sudan, thousands of crazed imbeciles are demanding the death penalty for a British teacher living in Sudan. She had “insulted Islam by allowing her class (of 7-year-olds) to name a teddy bear Mohammed. WTF???

And don’t think it’s any different here. It’s too easy to think “oh, that’s just a primitive country ten thousand miles away. What’s with those wacky Moslems?”

Here is what separates us from Sudan: We’re a prosperous society living under a secular democratic government (for now at least). Let’s keep it that way. There are lots of crazed extreme “Christians” who would just love to turn our government into a theocracy. Don’t think “it can’t happen here.”

Maybe we should have an internationa l gladiator festival. James Dobson, Pat Robertson and Fred Phelps — and their demented followers — could have a bloody fight to the death with their Moslem counterparts . The bloodier the better. The sickfucks could realize their lifelong dream of Killing The Enemy, and the other 99% of us could just get on with our lives.

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6 Responses to “Religious Fanatics Demanding Death and Vengeance”

  1. I’ve been trying to write you guys but my address for admin is outdated! Check out the news! Some nut with a bomb strapped to his chest is holding hostages at the Clinton NH HQ!


  2. She probably set it up to deter from her plant at the Republican debate.

  3. Lisa, someone could be hurt in this situation. Does your partisanship know no bounds?

  4. It’s just than it reminds me of Desert Fox.
    I don’t wish anyone ill I thought I was on the Daily KOS,oops.

  5. Lisa, actually that was friggin’ hilarious! My wife came home today and told me that her grandmother had expressed the same theory!!! She said, “My grandmother told me that she thought Hillary set it up as a publicity stunt.” OMFG!!! I just giggled a bit when I heard it, but now that you said it, I’m f’n dyin’ over here!!!

    Are you my grandmother- in-law???



  6. Again Lisa, why do you divert attention from the issue at hand to the Daily Kos? We are not at the Daily Kos, Lisa - has this fact escaped your attention?

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