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Jewish leaders condemn email rumors about Obama’s faith

If you’ve got a Republican family member, or several like I do, chances are you’ve seen one of those anti-Barack Obama emails, suggesting that he’s a terrorist in sheep’s clothing, and that he’s posing as a Christian to be elected President but then will come out as a Muslim and handover the United States to Al-Qaeda. It almost sounds like a future episode of 24, right?

So far, ninety percent of this country has been able to tell that this email, and other emails like it, are completely ludicrous, hateful, manipulative and beyond Swiftboating . Unfortunatel y, there’s that 10 percent that keeps flexing their right to be idiots.

As the NY Times reports this morning, nine Jewish leaders have released an open letter condemning these anti-Obama emails, calling them hateful and saying that “attempts of this sort to mislead and inflame voters should not be part of our political discourse and should be rebuffed by all who believe in our democracy.”

Kol Hakavod!

(It means well done in Hebrew. I think.)

Though these nine leaders have not endorsed any candidate, they are responding to reports that these anti-Obama Muslim rumors are being spread deliberately among Jewish constituenci es. And while the emails have been derided by many political pundits and politicians  (including Hillary…thou gh people affiliated with her Iowa campaign were caught forwarding the emails), the viral email has been so persistent that it came up in last night’s Democratic debate in Nevada, and is repeatedly referred to on countless numbers of blogs, including in the comments section of this one.

For the record, Barack Obama is a member of the United Church of Christ. So the lesson for today? Don’t believe everything you read in your email, especially if it comes from that dopey uncle or that pompous brother-in-l aw.

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7 Responses to “Jewish leaders condemn email rumors about Obama’s faith”

  1. So he’s half Catholic and half white and here I thought that would be an issue for you.So if he is half Catholic why was he sworn in with a Quran. and not the Bible?
    So I guess “Hussein” is his Christian name?

  2. Lisa, you idiot, that was Kieth Ellison, not Barack Obama.


  3. :)


  4. Okay but Keith Ellison of course is a democrat. I wonder what book Obama has on his night stand.
    How about my other statement that I guess “Hussein” is his Christain name.
    And Jersey shut up you moron. Do you talk as obnoxiously as you write?

  5. As long as it’s not My Pet Goat, I don’t care what book Barack reads.

    Who the hell cares what his middle name is?

    Look, I agree, racist, religious-ri ght xenophobes will vote against Obama because of sleazy rumors about his Christianity and his name and race.

    I’m sorry, Lisa. But some of the things you say I find so abhorent, so backwards, that I am actually personally insulted just reading it sometimes. And yes, in public, if a person talks like you, the expletives will fly. That’s why I don’t go out too much. I got myself into a lot of trouble.


  6. You know what amazes me Jersey? That it bothers you more if a candidate is Christian or Mormon but you no one dare mention that Obama is Muslim,was Muslim,is half Muslim whatever.

    Don’t be insulted reading what I write Jersey no offense.

  7. Lisa, you are a liar. You should be ashamed of yourself. Did your mother raise you like that?


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