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America’s Newest Export: Jesus

No, it’s not true that America has to import everything and that we have nothing to contribute to the rest of the world. We do too.

Even as we speak, boatloads of Bible-totin fire-and-bri mstone-spewi ng Christians are being shipped out to ports all up and down Europe and Britain. They’re cheaper by the gross.

Ah heck, maybe this will do ‘em some good. Europeans are too bland; too much ennui and sophisticati on. Maybe a little holy rollin’ and hootin’ and hollerin’ will inject some life into them.

Answers in Genesis is an American organization — based in Kentucky — that’s trying to spread Creationism throughout Britain and the rest of Europe. Battles over Creationism vs. Evolution have actually been spreading to Britain, Germany, Poland and Italy.

Creationism is still pretty much marginalized in Europe, but it’s increasing. Evangelical worship is spreading all over the Continent. Don’t they have enough problems already?

And now some homegrown organization s are following in the footsteps of Answers in Genesis. A British group called Truth in Science has been sending DVDs to every high school in Britain, trying to argue for “intellige nt design.” And if that’s not bad enough, an organization called AH Trust wants to build a Christian theme park in northwestern England.

The president of Britain’s National Secular Society (founded in 1866) is concerned about the increasing spread of Evangelicals  : “Creationi sm is creeping into the schools. There is a constant pressure to get these ideas into the schools.”

Simon Barrow is the co-director of Ekklesia, a British-base d, Christian-or iented research group. He says that until recently, there were lots of people who held Evangelical views but also endorsed mainstream science. He says the militancy and the “either-or” battles have been imported from the United States in the last few years. “There is a lot of American influence, and there are a lot of moral and political and financial resources flowing from the United States to here. Now you have more extreme religious groups trying to get a foothold.”

The Council of Europe is a human rights watchdog group consisting of 47 countries. They’re worried about the quality of education in Europe being jeopardized if their schools are flooded with Creationism and other religious dogma. They’re right to be worried. All they have to do is look across the Atlantic. Note the extreme mass gullibility and lack of critical thinking skills in that country. Be very afraid.

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9 Responses to “America’s Newest Export: Jesus”

  1. “There is a lot of American influence, and there are a lot of moral and political and financial resources flowing from the United States to here. Now you have more extreme religious groups trying to get a foothold.”

    My how things have changed. The main reason we left there was religious extremism.
    How about when europe tried to export their religious extremism in the crusades? A bit more drastic than what the American groups are doing.

  2. I guess they are doing it to combat Islam which the largest growing religion in Europe before it’s too where honor killings,bur kas and women only beaches and pools exist and grand Mosques with a seating capacity of 40, 000 people become the norm. Oh wait it already is.
    And they worry about Christ whn they should be more concerned about Allah.

  3. how much do we have to contribute to get them all to move overseas?

  4. http://www.e xpelledthemo

    Watch it before you continue this argument…


    As long as they swim back with a socialist liberal under each arm I got no problem with them trying.

  5. Lisa,
    Once again your hysterical inslaopohbia is showing. Here are the actual statistics for muslims in Europe: http://en.wi wiki/Muslims _in_Western_ Europe
    I don’t think an overall total of 4% in the EU is really that worrysome.

    btw, burkhas are not worn. The abaya is, which is what most people think when they say burkha, but it is a different thing, commonly with a nikab veil. Also, honour killings are prosecuted (and in that respect are just like murders, where America has higher rates than Europe so are hardly tolerated) and tend to be in Indian families as much as Muslim ones.But don’t let ignorance stop you ranting. It never has so far.

  6. Hey steve I watch most of the video. As usual ben stien was an asshole. I’m sorry that creationist haven’t the balls to live without a god. I have no idea what makes them so scared.

    Here is a link to creation myths. Please show me proof of which one is real.

    While your at it please tell me where the flaming sword is?

    And the Lord God said, Behold, the man is become as one of us, to know good and evil: and now, lest he put forth his hand, and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live for ever:
    Therefore the Lord God sent him forth from the garden of Eden, to till the ground from whence he was taken.
    So he drove out the man; and he placed at the east of the garden of Eden Cherubims, and a flaming sword which turned every way, to keep the way of the tree of life.
    – Genesis 3: 22-24 (KJV)

  7. Heres another little test you can try. Nobody can see gravity and there is no real scientific consensus on how the force is transmitted. So start telling people that we are being held onto earth by god’s hand. See if you can get some science magazines to publish your theory. If you a teacher let me know what happens to your career when you strongly push your theory.

  8. Paul you can paint it any color you want. I happen to know 2 people in the UK and their stories quite differ.
    Anyway maybe if people would stop with the Christianity hysteria you might see a trend there on both sides.
    In Italy there is a beach for Muslim women. Europe is so quick to accomodate that. I bet there would be outrage if they did it for Christian women or somehting similar.

  9. Lisa,
    How do they differ? Do they claim honour killings aren’t prosecuted? Because that was the only thing I said that might sometimes not be true. But then, not all murderers get prosecuted, either.

    Oh, Manapp, actually, the pilgrim fathers left because England wasn’t Puritan enough for them. They left because their religious extremism wasn’t being implemented. Thus it’s no surprise to me that their descendants are trying to reconquer the old country.

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