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The Sex As Sin Scam: One In Four…And Then Some More?

They say life imitates art…and if that is true, then the words spoken by Jack Nicholson in the film A Few Good Men may explain why the Bush administrati on and so many of its followers continue to insist on promoting abstinence as the preferred approach to sex education. Those who “can’t handle the truth” […]

When will Sam Brownback end up on short lists for McCain’s VP?

It seems like everyone is putting together a list of Vice-Preside ntial candidates that John McCain could pick. Everyone. No, really, everyone. I mean it, everyone. This guy. That guy. Everyone.
So the speculation is out there. Tim Pawlenty from Minnesota? Mark Sanford from South Carolina? Tom […]

Culture War: Teach Your Children Well?

Drawing the appropriate line between parental rights and the states interest in the welfare of children can be a complex consideratio n. The emergence and prevalence of homeschoolin g has further complicated the equation. A ruling by a California appeals court will likely catapult the topic into the mainstream and it will undoubtedly become the […]

Christians: a Bunch of Spaced-Out Potheads

Whoa! A certain Israeli researcher had better watch his back. Let’s just say that what Salman Rushdie is to millions of enraged Moslems, Benny Shanon is to their Christian counterparts .
Nobody likes to have the rug pulled out from under them. And for millions of gung ho Christians — especially the ones who use the […]