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Throw the Book at Them! Oh, Wait, There Aren’t Any

How many book are in this world? Billions? How about books about religion? Millions? Some religious books promote violence for the sake of religion. Now if you wanted to control what religious books prisoners have access to, how would you accomplish that? Gee, maybe making a list of offensive titles and having them removed from […]

Food for Thought

It’s time, it seems, if we’re Christian, to judge people the way Jesus told us to judge them: “By their fruits.” But if that’s the case, then the question is not: What do each of these candidates tell us about how religious they are? The question is: What do each of these candidates plan to […]

Shorter Mohler: “Yo Momma!”

Seizing the gauntlet Benedict threw, Rev. Albert Mohler, an evangelical whack job if there ever was one, states that of course there is only one true religion, and those satanic papists ain’t it.
Well, he didn’t actually say THAT, but really, what purpose is being served here by striving for division between practitioner s of Christianity […]