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Paying For The Sins Of The Fathers?

As the final acts play out in the Catholic Church molestation scandals, church officials are proving once again how vile they truly are. It’s not bad enough that they quietly condoned the acts of pedophile priests for decades, actively aiding some of those monsters by shuffling them from parish to parish when their nefarious activities […]

Rising From The Ashes…

I haven’t read a newspaper, perused a blog entry, watched TV news, or listened to any talk radio since August 30th. I have little to no idea about what has been happening in Iraq, Congress, or around the world. For me, it’s almost as if time stopped two and a half weeks ago, and ever […]

One Way Towards Religious Domination

Seems as if there is a better way to ensure that your religion takes over the world- better than terrorism or imperialism at least. You could call it “screwing for world religious domination.”
A one-legged Emirati father of 78 is lining up his next two wives in a bid to reach his target of 100 […]

Pot Propaganda Alive & Well

For anyone who’s studied the history of marijuana prohibition in the United States, it’s pretty clear that financial greed was at the heart of taking a magnificentl y useful plant off the market to make way for the petrochemica l industry, as well as the textile and paper industries. Prior to hemp’s becoming illegal, it […]

Mormon Church Says It’s OK To THINK Gay, Just Not To BE Gay

In their newest pamphlet on homosexualit y, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (aka The Mormon Church) asserts that homosexual relationship s are “inconsisten t” with God’s plan, but that some people may not be able to “overcome” their attractions.
“While many Latter-day Saints, through individual effort, the exercise of faith, and reliance upon […]

Jesus Returns To Georgia- Not Well Received

Hilarious little write-up about return of Jesus to Macon, Gerogia. A small taste…
Jesus Christ made his grand return Friday but apparently has been taken for a “pussy commie liberal” by most of the townspeople he’s encountered.
Read the rest. It’s short, funny, and probably not too far off from the mark.
religion, Jesus+return s, Christianity […]

Pope Declares All Non-Catholics Not “True Christians”

Seeking again to turn back the clock of modernism in the Catholic church, Pope Benedict XVI has reaffirmed the universal primacy of the Roman Catholic Church with the release of a document that says that Orthodox churches are defective and that all other Christian denomination s were not true churches.
Guess the whole lot of you […]

Summer Camp For Atheists

Summer camps build memories for kids that can last a lifetime. But how does a parent choose the right camp to help make sure that those memories are good ones? For non-religiou s families, one such opportunity exists with a group called Camp Quest, a summer camp that bills itself as the “nation’s first sleep-away […]