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Pat’s Prayers Have Been Answered

Pat Robertson’s prayers have been answered - again. He apparently wandered off to consult a burning bush (pun intended) for advice on who will win the election and God slipped him a fixed betting slip on the outcome.
Of course, it isn’t unusual that Pat has been on the WWJD Hotline (1-555-GET-G OD). He and God […]

Honest to God

There’s no shortage of debate over Islam. Depending on your point of view, Muslims are either violence-cra zed zanies with a taste for camel milk and Molotov cocktails or misunderstoo d practitioner s of a religion of peace, love, and kindness - think Amish with headdresses. But for the most part, there isn’t much talk […]

In God We Act Crazy

Sometimes it’s the small news items that catch your eye. The one that caught my eye today was a story about Rep. Roger Wicker (R-MS) wanting to withhold funding for minting newly designed $1 coins bearing the “In God We Trust” motto on the edge rather than the face.
Oh, and he wants to do this […]