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Culture War: Teach Your Children Well?

Drawing the appropriate line between parental rights and the states interest in the welfare of children can be a complex consideratio n. The emergence and prevalence of homeschoolin g has further complicated the equation. A ruling by a California appeals court will likely catapult the topic into the mainstream and it will undoubtedly become the […]

Separation of Church of Latter-day Saints and State - The Romney Dilemma

Pundits have been urging Mitt Romney to pull a John Kennedy - to take the issue of his religious affiliation head-on. Second only to Giuliani in fundraising, and in the lead in the GOP polls in New Hampshire and Iowa, Romney seems to have just two main negatives to overcome; his “flip-flops” on social issues […]

God, America, and Iraq

(Below is an expurgated comment I posted on the Tygrrrr Express in reply to a fascinating character who goes by the moniker Hueguenot. The link I just added now.)
Allow me to share my variant opinions.
(Hue) asked (of what I would consider as evidence of God), “I’m not sure what you consider evidence. Do you mean […]

Honest to God

There’s no shortage of debate over Islam. Depending on your point of view, Muslims are either violence-cra zed zanies with a taste for camel milk and Molotov cocktails or misunderstoo d practitioner s of a religion of peace, love, and kindness - think Amish with headdresses. But for the most part, there isn’t much talk […]

The GOP Dilemma: “Pro-Life For Hire” Candidates?

They say it’s not nice to enjoy the misfortune of others…and while I generally support that notion…when it comes to politics, I’m willing to make some exceptions. I have to confess that a New York Times article discussing the predicament facing the Republican Party in the 2008 presidential election with regards to the issue of […]

Chris LaTondresse: Conservative Kingmakers at Work

An interesting and important development in the 2008 race for the White House: conservative evangelical hatchets are out in force, trying to cut down a prominent 2008 presidential hopeful. Hillary Clinton? Barack Obama? John Edwards? Wrong on all three counts.

Having already publicly attacked Republican candidate Rudy Giuliani in a remarkably candid editorial last month, Focus on the Family and Family Research Council have now unleashed their political machine against none other than Mitt Romney, working in tandem with some of Fred Thompson’s online organizers. It’s fair to interpret this as an early signal about where these groups are likely throw their political weight in the lead-up to Super Tuesday.

Read The Nation. article:

With onetime Republican presidential frontrunner Senator John McCain in meltdown, Mitt Romney suddenly finds himself under fire from some of the Christian right’s most influential activists. Romney’s evangelical critics claim the former Massachusetts governor and devout Mormon was complicit in the Marriott hotel chain’s sale of pay-per-view porn on its in-room television sets when he served on the corporation’s board of directors from 1992 to 2001. Two Christian-right operatives involved in orchestrating the charges have enlisted as Internet organizers for former Senator Fred Thompson, who is preparing to enter the race formally. The tactics of these religious-right players, targeted below the radar against Romney, are calculated to alter decisively the outcome of the Republican primary contest.

The assault was launched on July 5 with an opening shot in the form of a breathless press release issued through the mega-ministry Focus on the Family. In it, veteran antiporn crusader Phil Burress called Romney’s failure to take action against pay-per-view hotel porn during his tenure on Marriott’s board “extremely disturbing.” That same day, a Focus on the Family spokesman took to the radio airwaves to ask whether Romney would “turn a blind eye” to pornography if elected president. Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, which functions as Focus’s Washington lobbying arm, immediately joined the pile-on. He briefed the Associated Press on the record, explaining that Romney must “take some responsibility” for his supposed connection to Marriott’s porn profiteering. The AP report on the accusation against Romney was subsequently reprinted in the pages of major outlets from The Boston Globe to The Washington Post. It only took a full six years after Romney resigned from Marriott’s board for the Christian right’s leading lights to profess their outrage—and only hours for the press to echo it.

Chris LaTondresse is the special assistant to the CEO at Sojourners/Call to Renewal.

The Dems’ Fate: On the Left Wing and a Prayer

In their contribution to a new book from the Brookings Institution called “Faith Matters,” Pew fellow John C. Green and three other scholars compare what they call “the core religious left” and secular liberals.

Must the U.S. President Believe in God?

The most unpredictable presidential race for a generation is well under way in the US, and so far, issues of personal faith have never been far from the headlines.

A Fight for GOP ‘Family Values’ Banner

“In many ways, the Romney campaign and the emerging Thompson campaign are on a collision course when it comes to campaigning for this constituency of conservative Christians,” said John C. Green, senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

The Naked Truth: Bible Literacy Project’s Censorship Of Adam And Eve Unveils Fundamentalist Agenda

Medieval theologians reportedly spent a lot of time debating whether Adam had a navel. The question was never firmly settled, but one thing’s for sure: The rest of him was probably intact.

You would never know that by consulting the latest edition of The Bible and Its Influence, a glossy tome produced by the Bible Literacy […]