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Separation of Church of Latter-day Saints and State - The Romney Dilemma

Pundits have been urging Mitt Romney to pull a John Kennedy - to take the issue of his religious affiliation head-on. Second only to Giuliani in fundraising, and in the lead in the GOP polls in New Hampshire and Iowa, Romney seems to have just two main negatives to overcome; his “flip-flops” on social issues […]

The Dems’ Fate: On the Left Wing and a Prayer

In their contribution to a new book from the Brookings Institution called “Faith Matters,” Pew fellow John C. Green and three other scholars compare what they call “the core religious left” and secular liberals.

Must the U.S. President Believe in God?

The most unpredictable presidential race for a generation is well under way in the US, and so far, issues of personal faith have never been far from the headlines.

A Fight for GOP ‘Family Values’ Banner

“In many ways, the Romney campaign and the emerging Thompson campaign are on a collision course when it comes to campaigning for this constituency of conservative Christians,” said John C. Green, senior fellow at the Pew Forum on Religion & Public Life.

The Vitter Effect

How does news of an outspoken Christian senator’s fall from grace play in the evangelical community? Assessing the fallout.

Records Show Ex-Senator’s Work for Family Planning Unit

Records show that former Senator Fred Thompson worked on behalf of a group seeking to ease rules on abortion counseling, though he has said he did not recall doing so.

White House Blamed for ‘Islamophobia’

A Muslim civil rights group yesterday blamed the Bush administration for promoting “Islamophobia” and said the “war on terror” won’t stop terrorists.

Giuliani: Abortion Not a Test for Judges

Giuliani, proponent of abortion rights, says issue won’t be litmus test for judges.

Mormons in Congress not Flocking to Romney’s Side

For now, presidential hopeful Mitt Romney can count on support from only four members of Congress who share his faith. Some others say it is too early to make a commitment to any of the candidates. And some are actively supporting Romney’s competitors.

Obama Says He Would Look into Court Nominees’ Hearts

Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.) sent a strong signal yesterday that he would appoint pro-abortion rights Supreme Court justices but stopped short of endorsing a litmus test.